Brazil (historic)

Really, Brazil? This one didn’t remind you of something? Hmmm. 13 stripes. They must stand for the original 13 colonies or colonias, maybe. Oh wait… And the stars on a  blue field in the upper left corner… God, I know I’ve seen that before, but where? At least they had the good sense to change it. I guess as a new nation state, you had a couple of things to worry about other than flag design. If there had been a Brazilian equivalent to Betsy Ross, she was a total fraud. Look how lazy she was with the stars.  And kind of a tramp, too I heard (the Carnivale costume… and all) But that’s neither here nor there.


2 responses to “Brazil (historic)

  1. This was the first republican flag of Brasil.
    The similarities were so evident that it lasted only four days (15 to 19.nov.1889).

  2. você é um viado . baitola . filho da puta

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