Salta, Argentina

Salta, Argentina
Here’s an example of trying to symbolize too many obscure things in a flag in colors that just don’t look good together. If you keep putting crap on a flag, its going to get ugly. For starters, the maroon background is a tribute to the local poncho style (I’m not making that up.) The black bands are symbolic of the death of Athahualpa, the Inca emperor killed by Spanish conquistadores in 1533. Maybe it’s time to move past that. People aren’t still wearing black armbands in the US in protest of the Vietnam War. The six-pointed star in the center represents a star-shaped medal given to General Martín Miguel de Güemes after the victory of the Battle of Humahuaca in 1817, and the 32 ray sun with a face stands for the efforts made by Salta during the Argentine War of Independence, and the light blue field behind the star refers to the Argentine national flag. The twenty-three yellow stars surrounding the middle represent each of Argentina’s 23 provinces. I recommend a step back to the drawing board to whittle down those symbols at least by half.


3 responses to “Salta, Argentina

  1. spinster with cat

    Admittedly, you don’t see people wearing armbands to protest the Vietnam War anymore. However, as someone who lives in the South… Do I even need to finish this sentence?

    With any luck, the South will not follow the Argentineans’ lead and will let go of the whole Confederate Flag thing by 2340. The again, I’ve spent many Saturday afternoons strolling through the farmer’s market and I’ve noticed a shockingly large number of men who bear uncanny resemblances to Colonel Sanders. So maybe you should ease up on poor Salta.

  2. Maybe so. I’m a believer in tough love. Confederates included. Well, not so much love as distaste.

  3. wtf? i don’t know if this is me, but that flag doesnt even have that much on it.
    that flag is pretty.

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