Plano, Texas

Plano, Texas
If you didn’t know Plano was a city in Texas, you might think it was a mom and pop company that manufactures drywall screws and decided, gosh darn it, to finally decided to ask their son Rex (who goes to the junior college down in Westwood) to have his class design up a nice corporate logo to stick on the letterhead. If you’re going to put that little effort into a flag representing your city, what are we supposed to think about Plano? It reminds me of the retarded cousin of the Philapelphia Phillies’ logo circa 1978. Points off for using that horrible slanted font.


2 responses to “Plano, Texas

  1. Looks more like a gas station to me, but I’ll buy what you’re sellin’.

  2. LOL!!! I’ve been thinking the same thing since I moved here about two weeks ago, what a stupid and generic logo/flag. Where’s the creativity???

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