Poor Kansas. There’s not much to recommend about this most landlocked of states. It’s the home of Senator Sam Brownback. The state that on a macro level actually is flatter than a pancake would be were it large enough to cover the state. Its name is a total rip off of Arkansas, though it’s pronounced differently to disguise the lack of effort. One other area in which the state of Kansas threw in the towel rather than work hard is its flag. To start off, the word Kansas is spelled out in big block letters. That’s a huge no-no in flag design, plus the font makes the state look cheap. Next you have a center circle filled with all kinds of early 90s clip art, including a farmer, a cabin, bison, Indians, a riverboat and a wagon train. Nice try with the mountains, but nobody’s buying it.¬†Notice how color graditents are used to excess to make the flag impossible for a child to reproduce. Finally, across the top of the circle is the state motto: “Ad astra per aspera,” which means “to the stars through difficulties.” Which doesn’t make any sense. NASA is not based in Kansas. The whole package is topped off with a beautiful clip art sunflower.

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