Qatar is a badass nation that breaks all the rules. Who else would dare to start the name of a country with a Q and then have the audacity not to follow that up with a U? And the flag is even more out there. Instead of following the standard ratio of lenght to height or 2:1, Qatar’s flag clocks in at 28:11. What kind of ratio is that? The flag’s design is a tribute to a rare Charles Schultz creation. It represents the single time Charlie Brown changed the stripes on his shirt from yellow and black to maroon and white. In Islamic cultures, it’s taboo to depict graven images, but the Qataris love Chuck B. so much they had to break the rules yet again. To disguise the representation, the flag depicts a cropped and zoomed in section of the shirt, flipped 90 degrees.


4 responses to “Qatar

  1. i’m all for this one. i like the bold use of maroon – not a normal flag color!

  2. The maroon is actually supposed to represent the blood of the Qatari people. I’m guessing they did the Pantone color match after letting that blood congeal and oxidize for a few hours.

  3. This flag is a very nice and unique flag. The long proportions help the flag last longer, and the maroon used to be red, but the local dyes used for the flag darkened, so the government changed it to maroon. As for the name? I like it.

  4. I’m not happy about this commentary either. Don’t mess with Qatar. They have the coolest flag ever. They also got a shout out in Transformers.

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