Flag of Saskatchewan
Let me start out by saying the flag of Saskatchewan would be way more popular if it featured a Sasquatch rampant instead of a flower. Second, it’s a very long flag: a 3:1 ratio, but all the stuff could be fit in a traditional 2:1 ratio rectangle. But maybe the point was to demonstrate the vastness of the prairie. Third, I don’t think any flag should attempt to demonstrate any specific sub-species on its flag. The flower in question is a prairie lily (Lilium philadelphicum.) But I no more know what that looks like in real life as I do a Sasquatch. Also, the animal in the crest should actually live in the land the flag represents. Sticking with the prairie theme, I recommend a prairie dog. They’re way more approachable than a lion. The sad thing about this flag is that it was the winner among more than 4,000 entries in a 1960s flag designing contest.


6 responses to “Saskatchewan

  1. I am guessing you have never been to Saskatchewan and heard about our flag. You say that a flag is an outward expression of the people and place that it represents, and this flag doe this admirably. You have the gold in the bottom representing wheat and agriculture in the south, green in the top representing the vast forests of the north. The “prairie” or “tiger” lily as we call it is the provincial flower and grows quite readily in our woodlands. Well, the lion is a holdover from old British rule, being a former colony. Our shield features both the beaver and the white-tailed deer, as well as the lion. Everything on the flag is there for a reason and represents some aspect of the province, which as you stated, is what a flag should do.

  2. It’s true: I have never been to Sasquatchewan. It’s also true that you are really fond of your province’s flag. So passionate, that I think you might be Anthony Drake from Hodgeville, Saskatchewan, who designed this flag, or perhaps a close relative.

  3. Out here, it is a pretty good assumption that we might be relatives, but no I am not. I am just saying the the flag represents the province very well, which is your main premise for good flag design.

  4. There are no lions in England from which the British lion was included in the flag, but is there any greater symbol of the British Empire/Commonwealth of which Saskatchewan belongs?

  5. A teabag would be better in my book.

  6. The Saskatchewan flag is very beautiful, but the lion destroys everything. Also, the proportionds are 1:2, not 1:3. (see VexiWiki page

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