Mercer County, Ohio

Flag of Mercer County, Ohio
Here is one of those flags that was surely designed by a gold-star committee on flag designing. Everything symbolizes something. The beige bands at the bottom represent the different crops of the area (apparently, corn, soybeans and corn again.) The bricks at the bottom of the lighthouse symbolize the 14 townships in the county and are an obvious afterthought. But this flag is also full of false advertising and/or outright lies. The lighthouse would make you think it’s located on Lake Erie or some other large body of water with at least a non-muddy beach. Nope: Grand Lake St. Marys (which is manmade) doesn’t have ships, so doesn’t really need a lighthouse. The rainbow rays of light emanating from the beacon of the lighthouse would make you think Mercer County is a gay mecca. Wrong again.


3 responses to “Mercer County, Ohio

  1. that’s not what i heard about mercer county. 😉

  2. The six beams of light represent the six school districts in Mercer County. Red for St. Henry, Orange for Coldwater, Gold for Parkway, Green for Celina, Blue for Marion Local, and Purple for Fort Recovery. And our manmade Grand Lake was THE largest manmade lake in THE world until the Hoover Dam created Lake Mead in Nevada. The lake is a tourist center for both Mercer and Auglaize Counties and there are, in fact, many water vehicles.

  3. I have to agree that this flag is pretty awful. But that is a depiction of the actual lighthouse on Grand Lake.

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