The Belarusians don’t have a lot going their way: it has a long history of oppression by nearby powers, population decline, a state controlled economy and the distinction of being the last dictatorship in Europe. One thing that surely isn’t helping the mood in Minsk is this clunker of a flag. According to my research, the red portion (top two thirds) symbolizes Belarus’ glorious mideval and Soviet past, while the green represents the future. Now, I might make the future part a bit more than one third of the flag – that’s a little pessimistic, but that’s just me. The vertical symbols down the left side are representative of the nation’s heritage and unity. But I think it makes the flag look more like a rug. If I knew nothing else, I would guess this were the flag of one of the “stans” or other places known for rugmaking. The sidebar also looks like a pixellated screenshot from and Apple II. I bet schoolkids have a hard time drawing it. Some sources note that the flag must be topped with a golden ornament/flagpole finial for solemn ceremonies. If there’s something that would finish this flag off any better for solemn ceremonies, I can’t think of it.


4 responses to “Belarus

  1. It IS a rug, or what they’d call a rushnik.

  2. The flag was rather better 1991-1995, but you’d prolly call it bland; it was a white-red-white triband.

  3. It still doesn’t look natural without the hammer/sickle just like Transnistria.

  4. 1.Show-ender,”rushnik” we call a towel
    2.Belarusian flag is no more a rug than the USA flag is the stars and stripes mattress,for example 😉 (but for me our past flag and coat of arms were better)

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